An abstract drawn image of dots on paper in a circle

Daniel Kitson Collaborator

A slideshow of production images from Counting and Cracking

Counting and Cracking

By S.Shakthidharan with Eamon Flack

Performers on stage appear to be singing loudly and with enthusiasm. In the foreground, one of them holds drumsticks while those in the background perform on a grandstand.


Miet Warlop

A woman lies sleeping on a mattress surrounded by roses. Her face turned to the camera. "She Got Love" is scrawled on the wall behind her in red paint.

Cadela Força Trilogy Chapter I

Carolina Bianchi Y Cara de Cavalo

A group of people stand in the shallows of a tropical beach, holding cut-out shapes.

Gurr Era Op

Ghenoa Gela with Force Majeure in association with ILBIJERRI Theatre Company

Suhani Shah stands with her hands behind her head and looking down. She is lit from behind.

Suhani Shah

A person standing up at a book club, holding Miranda July's book The First Bad Man

The First Bad Man

Pan Pan

A group of people pose together, each holding an art canvas that they have just painted

Sip and Paint

Xanthe Dobbie, Magic Steven, Ned Middleton and Tobias Richardson, Sammaneh Pourshafighi, and Geoffrey Watson and Rachael Wisby

ACMI Nights : Beings

ACMI Nights : Beings

DiTA, Lipelis, Betty Grumble, Samantha Thompson, Harrison Ritchie-Jones and more

Three band members pose behind an enormous crinkled sheet of blue paper.

Blonde Redhead

with special guest Georgia Knight

Crip Rave Theory

Crip Rave Theory

Aisha Mirza (UK), BAE BAE, Enter, Aquenta + more to be announced



with Teether (Live), Willis Anne (Live) and Jannah Quill (Live)



with Bayu and Poli-Pearl

A person in an oversized parker and hood on their head, looking out of right of frame, their hands are reaching inside the hood to their neck.


with special guest Acopia

Two performers face the camera. One fires a confetti gun into the lens.

Burnout Paradise

Pony Cam Collective and Parrot Ox

A person facing sideways dressed in midnight blue sparkles in front of a white background looks over their shoulder at the camera as the light catches their eyes.

Yves Tumor

supported by Aya Gloomy



Lucy Guerin Inc

A person wearing a giant box, printed with a smile on the front, stands in a dim Box Office.

8/8/8 : REST

Harriet Gillies, Marcus McKenzie, Unfunded Empathy & Collaborators

The image is tactile-feeling creation that features intertwined human figures at its center


By Justin Talplacido Shoulder

A performer is pictured sitting within a vast inflatable space.

You, Beauty

Chunky Move

Karin Dreijer aka Fever Ray wears a bald cap and all white makeup, and a traditional masc white suit, holding a flower posey

Fever Ray

A woman stands in a dark veil, holding an eagle/bird creature.


Melanie Lane

An animated gif cycling through the Day Tripper lineup: Asha Puthli, Jlin, Bar Italia, MEMORIALS, Yasiin Bey and HTRK

Day Tripper

Asha Puthli, Bar Italia, HTRK, JLIN, MEMORIALS, and Yasiin Bey performs MF Doom

Photograph of an audience sitting around a large dinner table. A chandelier hangs overhead and a performer dressed as a waiter serves them food.


Geoff Sobelle

A theatre full of people watching a film screen featuring a still of Hellraiser. A band performs on stage and lasers light up in front of the screen.

Hear My Eyes : Hellraiser

All new score and live laser show from Hieroglyphic Being and Robin Fox

A person looking towards camera outside

Evian Christ

with special guests jjjacob and DJ ALI



with Rok Riley, RAY OTW feat. KHYA and Chef Chung, and Silentjay

Three members of Dirty Three face each other on a stage, jamming together.

Dirty Three

with special guest Eleanor Jawurlngali

A dynamic live music scene with a violinist in motion, a drummer, and a bassist performing on stage under bright lights, capturing a moment of artistic expression.

Dirty Three

BEAM ME UP : The Art of Abduction Spaceship Workshop

BEAM ME UP : The Art of Abduction Spaceship Workshop

Tony Albert with ENOKi

BEAM ME UP : The Art of Abduction Beading Workshop

BEAM ME UP : The Art of Abduction Beading Workshop

Tony Albert with ENOKi

Two people sit cross-legged on the stage facing each other.

6HR Grumble Boogie

Betty Grumble, HipHopHoe and Guests

Cultural Catalysts : Creativity in the Sri Lankan diaspora

Cultural Catalysts : Creativity in the Sri Lankan diaspora

S. Shakthidharan, Minoli De Silva, Suren Jayemanne and Bhakthi Puvanenthiran

A blonde woman in 70s-inspired hair and makeup looks at the camera.

Sky Ferreira

Fraser Muggeridge standing against a wall in a striped long sleeve shirt.

In Conversation : Fraser Muggeridge

A Knowing Wrongness in Graphic Design Practice

The dance floor full of people at a Crip Rave Theory gig

Crip Rave Theory : Accessible and Intersectional Club Spaces in Australia and Beyond

Aisha Mirza and Riana Head-Toussaint with Sosefina Fuamoli

A group of people gathering at Dom's Social Club

Moon Bites

Shannon Michael Cane takes a nude selfie in a mirror, holding a french bulldog in one hand and the film camera in the other.

Shannon Michael Cane : Someone Great — A celebration

Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip/DJ Set), Andee Frost, Gerard Frank Long, DJ JNETT, Stereogamous and Betty Grumble (MC)

Beachgoers flee as possums riding flying sauces chase them shooting lasers from their eyes

The Blak Infinite : Artist Talks

Tony Albert and ENOKi, Michael Cook and Kait James, Jake Duczynski and Tarryn Love

Two drag queens dressed in regal attire sit side by side, as if posing for a royal portrait.


Cerulean and Stone Motherless Cold, Kamarra Bell-Wykes and Carly Sheppard / A Daylight Connection, Willoh Weiland, Miss Ellaneous, 2Joocee

A band perform on a dark stage.

Big Name, No Blankets

by Andrea James with Anyupa Butcher and Sammy Tjapanangka Butcher

Spenny, J Emz and Celly from ONEFOUR stand around a pile of stacked cash, while looking down the barrel of the camera


with special guests Miss Kaninna, RFA17 and LF70

Moktar looking off side of screen at night, bathed in red light on one half of his face and body

Moktar : Town Hall Takeover

A close up of Asha Puthli. She holds her hand to sit beneath her chin as she looks up

In Conversation : Asha Puthli

with Adriana Lazaridis

A group of men wearing white and blue robes and head coverings, in the desert.


with special guests Chikchika

A headshot of Yasiin Bey wearing a hat and looking upwards

Yasiin Bey

with special guest DJ PGZ

Two band members of Good Morning sitting and leaning on large stairs.

Good Morning

Secret Symphony

Secret Symphony

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

A musician wearing a reflective silver suit looks at the camera and waves and a person plays a drum kit behind them.

Snoh Aalegra

Day Tripper After Party

Day Tripper After Party

Tiamo 3, Shock Corridor, Romeo Taylor and more