Register Your Interest: 10,000 Kazoos

Join the Kazoo-nity! We'll be in touch about 10,000 Kazoos in the lead up to the festival.

We’re inviting Melbourne to take a deep breath, join as one, and release an almighty chorus of kazoo.

10,000 Kazoos is a mass participation event for RISING 2023. It’s happening in the heart of Melbourne in June, and anyone can take part. You don’t need any musical ability or training. Simply stick a kazoo in your mouth, with the pointy end at the world, and send some do-do-dos down that tube.

We’ll have 10,000 biodegradable kazoos at-the-ready. We just need 10,000 willing noisemakers to join us in the city and play a tune all-at-once, in frenzied unison.